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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

3/18/08 Strongman/gpp

Ball (keg toss sim)-
22lbs 3 x 5

Farmers walks-
230 (115) x 140 feet
410 (205) x 55 feet for 4 sets

Sled Pull (forward with rope in between legs)-
140 x 100 feet (50 then turn around)
185 x 100
230 x 100
275 x 100
320 x 100
365 x 100

Sled pull- (backward holding rope)-
140 x 100
185 x 100
230 x 100
275 x 100
320 x 100
365 x 100

*awesome day lot of fun. Only problem is i must carry all my plates (8 45s) up my stairs then outside to the street. The afterwards I must carry all of them back in. These are farmers walks in themselves cuz i carry two at a time one in each hand. My grip gets really hammered on this day. I was suprised out how good I am with the sled cuz this is only my second time using it.
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