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Default What did you say now?..... GET HUGE!!!

Ok so this is going to be my first post in the journal. I am going to attempt to write in it most days but we will see how that works out. For those who will be reading along please feel free to comment... i enjoy the critisizm it helps me get to that next level!

I am 5'9'' about 206 pounds. Not quite sure of my bodyfat but its not very high. maybe 14-15% which I am happy with and I am currently bulkign and will continue to bulk until the end of March. I am not really looking forward to cutting. I am a skilled bulker haha! Only cut 1 time before.

Ok so today is actually an off day. Been trying to concentrate on my diet and on the next couple days of training. Woke up a little late today. Probably only have time for 5 meals but they'll be good! Woke up and made a shake 2 3/4 scoop of optimum and 1 1/3 cup raw oats blended! breakfast for champs :P

Meal 2 I had 2 pieces of chicken breast and 2 pieces of whole wheat bread. Ketchup and Mayo.

Ill be back later to finish it up!
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