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Default Re: The return of Superbilt


13 inch deadlift (off blocks) (2 1/4 axle)-
120 x 5
210 x 5
300 x 3
switch to 1 7/8 axle
377 x 2
427 x 1
467 x 0
377 x 3
off floor
377 x 3

Zercher Dl (13 inches off floor)-
117 x 5
137 x 5
167 x 3

Sldl- (1 7/8 axle)
167 x 5
217 x 5
287 x 5

Stone lifts (pipe and plates)
95 x 5
140 x 3
150 x 2

Farmers walks-
230 (115) x 140 feet
290 (145) x 110 feet
290 (145) x 110 feet

Sled Sprints- Forward ss backward (rope between legs and in front)

185 x 5/5
195 x 5/5

* my axle bars (steel pipes) are thicker than I realized so i am not as big as a wuss as i thought. I thought they were 1.5 and 2 inches but i measured them and i was wrong. I can handle the 1 7/8 pretty well but the 2 1/4 is tough because my hands arent very big. I couldnt handle anywhere near my normal weight on the deadlifts. But the thicker bar helps a lot on zerchers. I had to do both off of wood because i trained at home today so i could do events too. Hopefully, my power rack will come in sometime next week. Then i will quit my gym and work at home fulltime. I think i am gonna keep the axles for things besides deadlifts. The bars are so thick straps wouldnt even help. They are awesome for grip but are not gonna do anything to help my deadlift. The sled was brutal since i did it in grass with chuck taylors. However, i loved the torture but got a few weird looks from the neighbors oh well.
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