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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

3/11/08 Strongman day

Med ball toss (keg toss)- 22lb 3 sets of 5

Db snatch-
55 x 3
60 x 3
70 x 3

BB snatch- 135 x 3

Stone lifts (pipe and plates)-
95 X 5
105 X 5
115 X 5
125 X 5
135 X 5

Farmers walks-
230lbs (115 each)- 4 sets of 140 feet

Car push sprints-
4 sets of 50 yards

*what an awesome day. I had so much fun doing this stuff today. My first time doing farmers walks and car pushes and i feel i did an awesome job on them. Car pushes made me feel so powerfull. I should get my sled tommorow so i cant wait to use that. I made a homemade medicine ball last night with an old basketball filled with sand and i duck taped that thing as much as possible than put a towel around it and taped it again. it held up great on the throws. As soon as my power rack comes in I am quitting the gym and training at home all the time.
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