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Default Re: Let the training journal comence!!....ok now. go already

today is typically Chest, shoulders, and Tris.

I do a every two week workout, meaning every two weeks I change back and forth between two workouts for every body part.

So I for example do decline and incline bench three sets each, first two are warmup with light,then medium weight. then go heavy on the last set to failure. then I go medium wieght and do one superset for on the last set of each of decline dumbell flys and incline flys strict form and go for the strech

I follow this with shoulders 4 sets of shoulder presses

then 4 sets of heavy behind the back tricep dips thats it for today. have been on this workout for two weeks now and have not gained to much weight about two mayb two and half pounds but I am doing it clean bulk so makes it little harder.
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