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Default Re: Let the training journal comence!!....ok now. go already

Ok so here it is after finally waiting forever to start writing in my journal. I will start off with my meals/nutrition.

Meal (1)Everyday starts exactly the same way, a nice big bowl of Oats and a whey protein shake.

Meal (2) is of course the Pwo shake on workout days.
On days off I always have a piece of whole grain bread with a chicken breast or turkey burger patty and a load of celery.

Meal (3) I have a chicken breast with Broccoli and either brown rice or a sweet potaoe in whatever form I feel that day. some days I will cut up into "fingers" others I have it baked. use a little flax oil on top. sometimes some safflower oil too.

Meal (4) usually a green salad with bell peppers and either steak or tuna mixed in I use flax oil and apple cider vinegar as my dressing. Once in awhile I will throw in a few hard boild eggs instead and I throw in a little corn.

Meal (5) Omellet consisting of salsa and broccoli maybe a little cottatge cheese.

Meal (6) cottage cheese. a little dried fruit. lowfat yougurt and some green beans.

Meal (7)salad with ham and turkey mixed in or if its a non workout day typically my last meal before bed and I will just have cottage chees with a salad.

Meal (8) this is usually only on workout days that I am up long enough to have eight meals but I will eat cup of cottage cheese and a salad or whatever veggie I am up for at the time.

I eat alot of celery and canned grean beans and go through a ton of broccoli.
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