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Default Let the training journal comence!!....ok now. go already

Ok so I have been cutting for about six months and I am not ready to begin a bulk. My goal is to be around 200-210 and lean, if I go beyond that a little so be it but that is my starting point. before my cut I was at 215 but had about 40 pounds of fat that I did not need. So Now that I am trim I would like to put the muscle back on. I already eat very clean so I am just going to do a clean bulk because I have the ability to pack on fat. I just plan on adding in clean carbs to my diet up until the last two or three meals of the day.

My sups are of course Whey,creatine,Glutamine,fish oil,vitamin C.

Other than that I have started a bulking workout consisting of three days a week of lifting and two or three days of cardio. I will start and post my diet plan and workout as the days progress.

Right now Im 6.0 and 180. Im am not sure of body fat but I would estimate at around 12%.

Here goes nothing

I think this will help me stay on track with my goals as I am finding bulking to be harder than cutting.
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