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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

Observations from this cycle of training.


1) My bench sticking point has risen from 1 inch or my chest to lockout for some strange reason.
2) Don't attempt to max out of the same exercise two weeks in a row cuz it doesn't work unless its a new exercise.
3) I need more benching in the 3-5 rep zone because my bench gets better when i do that. I am thinking of alternating my max effort work from a 3 rep max with a 1 rep max each week.
4) Instead of doing De work each week i am going to use cg bench for a 3-5 rep max and then do more accessory and supplemental work on this day.
5) I am going to use more benching at different rom kinda like board presses without the boards.


1) I need to use more progressive overload for both of these exercises.
2) Next cycle I am going to have a squat day and a DL day.
3) I need to use 3 reps instead of 1 more often because I respond better to 3 than 1 for both of these.
4) I should rotate my assistance and supplemental work every 3 weeks.
5) Deload every 4th week whether I want to or not because I suck every 4th week.
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