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Default F -- January 25th

Did not write everything down but the highlights were:

Side Press:70x5 for all 3 sets (almost no side bending cheating today = time to add on some weight)
Deadlift: 335-355-375-345-365-385-345-375-405 (singles)
Bench press: 165x8, 175x8, 185x8
Curls: 65x9,9,8

Today was flat out awesome. Going in my hopes were that I would pull 385 without a struggle. The thing flew up, so I decided to try an unplanned 405 single at the end...the thing didn't exactly fly up there but the was no sticking point, no struggle. Recent bests on the close grip bench press and the bar-bell curls.

The deadlift performance was arguably the best work I have done since my squatting days. I absolutely psyched myself up for the 405 pull. I think I put 2 and 2 together. I was so good at squatting in high school because I used to stare myself dead in the eye and go through my whole routine to get pumped up. Hopefully there's a mirror at the TSC competition.

Off for the week. Pull from the floor for 3 weeks after that. Weight loss has plateaued a bit, so I bought more vegetables than nuts this trip to the grocery store. Going to rely more heavily on salads at work this month.
"Do not make the mistake of limiting your practices to any one set of lifts...Practice everything...single and double-handed lifts, snatching and swinging, jerking and pressing, lying down with weights, supporting weights, lifting weights while laid on the back, ring weights, human weights, and, if possible, double-handed lifts to the knee, and harness lifts, also holding the bell aloft and bringing a weight after with the disengaged hand." ~ Arthur Saxon
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