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Default Re: The quest to bench 225

Weight for the day

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
Date: 1/20/2008
Weight (lbs): 162.6
Delta Weight: 2.2
Delta %: 1.4
BMI: 24.2
%Body Fat: 24.2
%Muscle: 37.7
Resting Metab: 1698.0
Visc. Fat: 7.0
FBW (lbs): 39.3
MBW (lbs): 61.3
MBW/FBW: 1.6
AO (lbs): 62.0
</pre><hr />

This is still establishing a baseline with respect to my nutrition. My FBW and MBW are moving in the correct directions, however it's too small of a number to say its anymore than just chance. Onward and upward!
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