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Default Re: Dispelling the cooked protein myth - denaturing is irrelevent

Just had a lecture today about this! An great example is carotenoids. In whole foods such as carrots, they form crystaline structures which are very hard to digest. By cooking them, you are able to breakdown these structures some, making them much more readily absorbed. It was also suggested that you need to consume 5-10 grams of fat w/ your vitamins - this is necessary for bile acid secretion and optimal absorption in the small intestine. The instructor said that you only absorb about 1% of the carotenoids from raw carrots; with the methods above, you can increase this to 25%! He also said quality supplements like centrum are even more readily absorbed, which goes completely what society tells us!

I think I have made 15 straight posts on studies which completely go against scientific dogma spread by society. I think for now on, if I want to do something that is optimal, I should just do the exact opposite of what our society says!
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