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Default Re: Sugar and other high GI Carbs - are they the Enemy?

I have been talking with some of the professors at school because I started that Club on campus that we talked about. The sports nutrition researcher who is an RD as well told me that the glycemic index in itself has no validity. He said that the methodology is very different with different studies, and one food will have 1 range of glycemic index numbers with someone, while it will be completely different with another individual. So the glycemic index in itself is not accurate, when followed by the numbers for certain foods. After saying this, he said, "but I still follow it." I think, because there is research showing that by eating foods said to have a low glycemic index, the chances of diabetes does decrease.

I would love to know more about this however, because higher glycemic carbohydrates replenish glycogen so much faster, and it would seem like a high glycemic carb in the morning would make more sense if it didn't mess with your insulin sensitivity.
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