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Default Re: Sugar and other high GI Carbs - are they the Enemy?

I meant that I tried to keep the PWO malto/dextrose consumption early in the morning. Sorry about the confusion. I’ll edit that.

As far as THE optimal breakfast… wouldn’t that depend on your goals and the other areas of your daily diet?

If the goal is bodybuilding (bulking and cutting), then I have become a believer that quick digesting protein along with complex carbohydrates is the answer. This is the guy that would have defined breakfast a year ago as Bacon, eggs, French toast, & maple syrup.

But I cannot deny my successes so far with eating protein every meal combined with a complex carb or essential fat source. But limit the carbs & fats being consumed together. Carbs in the 1st half of the day when insulin resistance is lowest. And fats in the evenings as metabolism slows and you prepare to minimize catabolic activity during sleep.

So now I eat my eggs at night for the fat. Steak and eggs before I go to bed. =) Midnight snack is the new breakfast, you know? Yum!

I had probably eaten oatmeal 100 time in my life prior to last year. Now I’ve eaten oats & protein shake probably 300 of the past 365 mornings.
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