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Default F -- January 11th

KB press: 6(4)
KB snatch: 5(8)
RDL: 185x10, 205x10, 225x10
Bench Press: 165x8, 175x8, 185x6 (failed on 7th)
Bodyweight rows: 3 sets (about 10 each)
Curls: 75 x 6,6,4+(1 cheat curl)
Leg raises: 3 sets w/ 8lb medicine ball

Great workout. Dragged things out a bit as coaching opportunities presented themselves and I got caught up in a few conversations. One was with a bodybuilder named Eric Mason located here in Marquette, MI. Complimented me on my deadlifting form which was great to hear.

Flew through my kettlebell work. For presses I had enough gas to keep the lifting continuous. When I finished 4 presses with the left I would swing the kettlebell, switch hands, clean it to the shoulder, and press with the right. Back and forth I went without the kettlebell touching the ground. Kept the snatch sets continuous as well. Kept the kettlebell at lockout only long enough to stabalize it. No lockout breaks today.

Only problem with this workout was I forgot my shot loading stuff for bench press and curls. However, got the 6th rep on bench press a lot easier today. Curls however suck. I think I should drop things down to 65 because 4 reps on the 3rd set ain't cutting it.

Looking forward to eating some sugar now and stretching out those hamstrings so I can hopefully walk tomorrow.
"Do not make the mistake of limiting your practices to any one set of lifts...Practice everything...single and double-handed lifts, snatching and swinging, jerking and pressing, lying down with weights, supporting weights, lifting weights while laid on the back, ring weights, human weights, and, if possible, double-handed lifts to the knee, and harness lifts, also holding the bell aloft and bringing a weight after with the disengaged hand." ~ Arthur Saxon
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