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Default Training Leading Up To The 2008 State of Florida Strongman Championships

I am currently finishing up a heavy bodybuilding routine I have been following for the past couple of months. At the completion of this current routine, I will begin which will prepare me for the Florida Strongman Championships at the end of February.

January 4th:
Bench Taining/Chest -

Flat Bench:

Warm Up Sets - 135 lbs x 12, 10, 8...225 lbs x 5...275 lbs x 1

Working Sets - 325 lbs x 7...275 lbs x 12

Incline Bench:

Working Sets - 295 lbs x 4...245 lbs x 8

Decline Bench:

335 lbs x 3...225 lbs x 15

January 5th:
Front Squat Training (1st lower body training in about a month) -

Front Squats:

Up to 365 lbs

Assistance Work:

Leg Extensions - Entire Stack x 15 reps
Hamstring Curls - 3 sets x 15 reps
Front Squat Machine - 720 lbs (8 45s each side)

January 7th:
Assistance Back Work (Pull Downs, Pulley Rowes, Pull Ups, etc)

January 9th:
Dead Lift Training & Standing Presses -

Dead Lifts:

Up to 525 lbs x 5 reps

Standing Presses:

135 lbs, 225 lbs, 250 lbs, 275 lbs (Failed)

January 10th:
Biceps, Grip Training & Abs

January 11th:
Shoulders & Calves

January 13th:
Triceps & Traps -

Triceps: Close Grip Bench Presses - 275 lbs x 5 reps, Skull Crushers - 135 x 8,5, Overhead Extensions w/ 120 lbs Dumbbel x 10 reps

Traps: Upright Rowes, Shrugs

January 16th:
Deadlifts - 500 lbs x 10 reps (10th rep went 3/4 of the way up, but was not locked out)

& Abs Before Bed

January 17th:
Assistance Training for the Deadlift & Presses

January 21st:
Front Squats & Zercher Squats

...and Leg Extensions + light abdominal work before bed

January 22nd:
Presses -

(I just found out that the Viking Press has been replaced with an Incline Log Press at the competition, so my training today was much different than previous training for presses.)

Incline Bench:

295 lbs x 5, 275 lbs 8

Incline Dumbbel Presses w/ Parrallel Grip (emulating hand position in the log press)

Incline Push Presses w/ Smith Machine:

225 lbs, 275 lbs, 295 lbs, 315 lbs

January 25th:
DeadLifts, Hamstrings, Calves & Abs -


525 lbs x 5 reps

Hamstrings: Lying Hamstring Curls
Calves: Donkey Calf Raises & Seated Calf Raises
Abs: Crunch Machine

January 28th:
Incline Presses & Triceps -


315 lbs x 3 reps, 275 lbs x 8 reps
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