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Default Plan Changes

After tinkering around the past few weeks I have decided to make some changes. Barbell snatches were aggravated my knee so those have been dropped. Figured out how to work in pull-ups. Just going to focus on improving my form and generally strengthening the back this month. When school starts I will implement the "grease the groove" technique in between studying. Luckily all my classes are in the PE building.

Side Press
Bench Press
Ab work

KB Swings
ss w/
Ab work

KB Press
KB Snatch
Romanian Deadlifts
Bench Press
Bodyweight Rows
Ab work

I will use a 3 set approach working up to a max effort set for most lifts. Will increase weight each week.

The deadlift and kettlebell work is the exception. Deadlift I will use a 5x3, 3x5, 1x8 approach. I will use a wave pattern for both the 5 and 8 set weeks. Will keep the reps per set constant this month for kettlebell work and increase total volume via an increase in sets. After 1 month I will increase the reps per set and cut the volume down during week 1 and again will increase the number of sets each week.
"Do not make the mistake of limiting your practices to any one set of lifts...Practice everything...single and double-handed lifts, snatching and swinging, jerking and pressing, lying down with weights, supporting weights, lifting weights while laid on the back, ring weights, human weights, and, if possible, double-handed lifts to the knee, and harness lifts, also holding the bell aloft and bringing a weight after with the disengaged hand." ~ Arthur Saxon
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