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I don't have the experience that a lot of these guys have got but I do know something My Dad told me and I passed on to my son " the Difference between a man and a boy is that a man stands for what is right even if he stands alone and knows he may be hurt or killed" roids are not to be played with and any one that pressures you to go along with the "crowd" is usually looking to create a crowd. Stand as a man and be proud of what you accomplish that they can't without artificial assistance. And when you think you are standing alone look around you might be surprised who is standing with you Bro.

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I agree with this your father was a very smart man indead, however it is important to point out that most all of us use some type of artificial assistance. Just because it is legal does not make it any different. I swallow a ton of vitamins and drink a ton of powder. The difference is knowledge. To be knowledgeable about what you are putting in your body is the key. The drugs that we introduce into our systems everyday are astonishing when you think about it. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pain relievers, aspirin, all types of natural roots and herbs, citric acid, potassium, iron and on and on. We do this because it is our way of life; it is part of the world we live in. Are steroids bad for you? Well this is the real question, so far studies say no not if you do it right. The problem is without knowledge that is readily available the right way is hard to find. The cycle of health should be a steady progression from one stage to the next. If you start working out today then you should not start using juice the next day...or maybe never at all. If the time comes when you can no longer achieve growth no matter what you do then this is when you must determine for yourself whether to progress or stay where you are at. Steroids are not the shortcut they are just a tool. To use this tool in the wrong order will have consequences. The progression of the body produces constant need for additional supplementation, to ignore this is to say that eating is not the first key step of this progression. It is like saying that if you lift then it doesn't matter what you eat you will grow and we all know this not to be true. When properly used, a person who has meet there growth potential already can expand this to a new level. This is not the easy way, a lot of lifting and hard work will still be involved. If you use to get bigger and within a year explode to new proportions then you have done it wrong. When done properly your growth rate of the previous10 to 12 years will not all of a sudden triple. It will stay the same or might even be a little less. Because you have reached you potential naturally and now you are supplementing to go farther with your progression. At 5'6 240something I figure my max potential is around 280 or so. I can not progress farther than this without additional supplements. This is a long way off because the closer you get to your max potential the slower the growth becomes. To start using juice or one of the many other growth supplements right now would not be the correct way to reach 280. If I ever reach 280 then this is where I will have to decide whether to stay where I am and be happy or see what how far I can take my body. I can not give you my answer because I am not there yet but to tell me that I do not have an option to do this is wrong; especially in the next sentence I am told I can have a calf implant or chest implant if I want to. Logic was not used when going against the AMA and many other medical associations when making steroids a banned substance. Restrictions should have been applied per there request. Banning was not in there informational document presented to congress at all. Yet that was the outcome. Where’s the logic in that?
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