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Lower back is still sore from DLs on Monday so I passed on rowing movements. Also avoided military press as I plan to do clean and press or some variation on Friday's power day.

Didn't feel too strong today. It's my fault though; I've been really pigging on this holiday. Fourth and last christmas meal is tonight!

Strength Training - UPPER BODY

*Dynamic Warm-up*

A1. Bench Press (3x6)
3 sets @ 165 x 6

A2. Pull-up (3x6)
3 sets @ bw x 6

B1. Incline Bench (3x6)
3 sets @ 135 x 6

B2. Chin-up (3x6)
3 sets @ bw x 6

C1. Band Pressdown (2x8)
2 sets @ 120 x 8

C2. Alt DB Curl (2x8)
2 sets @ 30s x 8

C3. DB Lateral Raise (2x8)
2 sets @ 15s x 8

*Static Stretching*
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