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Everyone has made great points. First of all, your health should come first. Is it really smart to compromise you health for a few minutes on stage. This guy obviously does not value your health. In fact, he doesn't even sound like a people pleaser who may be going about it the wrong way. Sounds to me like this guy is like any other dealer, he tells the buyer what they want to hear. Don't fall for his bs. If it is real roids, it will be detectable. It is in oral form, so it is terrible for your liver. Take the high road and soak in every ounce of self gratification when you are standing on that stage and remember every bit of effort you put in to achieve how you look. And don't be discouraged by competitors juicing. Make sure you do your research and compete in a legit natural competition that has more testing then a lie detecting test and I am sure everything will workout for you. Good luck.
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