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Default Re: William Wallace of Weightlifting

Morning: 25 minutes cardio
Incline walking with a few minutes mixed in of jogging.


Afternoon: Biceps/Forearms/Back

Ez bar curls 30 on each side 4x10
seated dumbbell curls 25s 3x10
seated hammer curls 30s 10 10 8
concentration curls 20s 3x10

barbell forearm shrugs 45s each/side 15 15 15
seated dumbbell concentration shrug 50 20 30 30
walking plate pinches 45s 3 holds
seated dumbbell palms down wrist curls 30s 3x20

t-bar rows 2 plates 3x10
good mornings 95 lbs 3x10 115 lbs 10 10 6

Notes: Not sure if it was because I was stuck at the office all day today (love saying that now) or the changing of pre workout nutrition, but today I was pumped. What I did was instead of eating the oatmeal with milk and a seperate whey shake, i just put water, whey, and the oatmeal in the blender. Anyways, I worked out for 2 hours (scoop of whey in the middle) and if not for my lower back being completely done, I would have kept going. Also I am going to slowly work in upper back as my lower one keeps getting stronger. Threw in t bar rows today..felt as if the form was not there yet. All in all, amazing workout.
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