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Default Re: Exercise Decreases Depression --> Why?

I personally have found exercise, and specificly bodybuilding, to be the greatest antidepressant for myself. T This is my first post and I dont think I could find a better thread to make it in.
I am just starting to get back into bodybuilding after about 4 years or so and I feel better than I ever have. I broke my foot and couldent really work out and subsuquently
fell into a major depression. During the time I was not exercising I felt absolutly awful about my life and my self. I became compleatly apathetic towards everything in life, droped out of school, isolated myself from other people as much as I could, couldent even get my self out of
bed some times, and was constantly thinking of suicide. I started to see a psychiatrist and he put me on just about every antidepressant there is and none of them really had any benefit, but a lot of side effects.
I also started to drink pretty much all day every day to excape my life, and putting alcohol into my system, especially sometimes up to 15 or more beers and whole
bottles of 100 proof vodka, is pretty much like throwing a match into a barrel of gasoline, I would get very violent towards my family and very destructive, usuly not remembering a thing about what happened the night befor. I would wake up and notice things like a huge gash in my
leg that probly should have gotten stiches and blood all over, and things like a broken tv or furniture around.
Last april I got a laceration in my tendon on my finger and was bounced from doctor to doctor - partly because I had no memory of what happend and partly because they didnt
know what to do with me - so instead of just having a doctor sew the two parts of my tendon together I
had to undergo a primary tendon graft, they took a tendon from my wrist to replace the one in my finger, which I am just now starting to fully recover from. Infact it was just last week that my physical theripest said I could start to lift weights again, and after being physicly incapable of doing so for about 8 months it was probly the greatest thing Ive ever herd in my life! Just the thought of being able to work out again made me so happy i was able to stop taking my antidepressant and feel like my life was worth living again, and I was on effexor xr which is just about the hardest to get off of but I was able to stop taking it with minimal
withdrawl effects and have only just begun to start exercising again and I feel better than I think I ever have.
It isnt just the fact that I can lift weights again that has led to such a huge turn around in my life, part of it is that Ive found faith and spirituallity, but being able to do what I absolutly love doing - Bodybuilding - is a very big part of it. It has really made me feel a sence of control over my life and my self.
I apologize if this post is a little long and rambly, still cant really get a good nights sleep because of the effexor withdrawling from my system, but I hope it can at least help someone else out there who reads it, and it deffinatly helped me to wright it all out for other people to read.
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