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23 minutes
ankle pain: pretty bad, because it was still sore from yesterday. But in the past, pushing through the pain with the brace, in the end, i believe strengthened the tendons and after awhile built up a stronger leg. So, i will fight on!

jogging, walking: more walking today



It's funny how in the same workout, one muscle group can go terrible, but another can be amazing. For chest, my rotator got blasted and I felt real weak. I figured out my mistake but it was too late for today's lift. I was taking too short a break between sets. In order to keep my heart rate pumping, I was taking very short breaks, about 20 seconds. But the muscle just didn't recover enough in that time. Live and learn. While triceps went amazingly...great pump today.

barbell bench 185 10, 8, 6
incline bench 135 8, 6, 6
incline dumbbell bench 50s 8, 8, 6
*cut it short

Skull crushers 25s ez 10x3
superset with incline bench 10, 8, 7
weight plate extensions 45 13, 15, 12

Also did some rotator work
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