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Default Boka\'s Journal - Gearing up for DESTRUCTION!

So Welcome to my new Journal, a first one in a while.

So the insane mind that is me has not yet fully concluded how this will all turn out. But here is the general gist of it.

It will consist of several training sessions per day, six times a week.

<font color="blue">PRIMARY</font> - Short Term
- Improve my overall Strength and Conditioning
- Cut down the extra bodyfat for Muay Thai
- Improve Muay Thai Skills
- Try and get back to where I was before all my injuries
- improve Shoulder, Elbow and Grip strength for Muay Thai and Rock Climbing

<font color="red">SECONDARY</font> - Long Term
- Gain more LBM
- Improve my Cardiovascular endurance for Long distance Running and Triathlon work
- Improve Muscular endurance for Kettlebell work
- Improve Shoulder and Grip stamina for Kite Surfing
- Get ready for footy season.

Those are my current goals, I am sure more will come about along the way but for now those are it.

The tools that I'll be using are as follows:

- Dumbbell = DB
- Barbell = BB
- Kettlebell = KB
- Indian Clubs = CB or "Club"
- Bulgarian Power Bag = PB or "Bag"
- Elastic Resistance Bands = Bands
- Medicine Balls = MB
- Plus a whole bunch of other fun and weird stuff.

Well tomorrow is the first day, I'll keep everyone posted on how things go.
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