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Default Re: William Wallace of Weightlifting

By far my worst lifting session in awhile...but out of the bad comes some good. Today was shoulders/squats. Two of my weaker areas. Shoulders becuase i've never consistently lifted them, and I haven't consistently squatted in a few years.

ez bar 100 lb shrugs 4x15
dumbbell shrugs 50's 3x15
lateral/side raises 10's 15,10,8

*My rotator hurt like hell during my first set of military presses, so the good out of this, is now I know that I need to take it slow with military presses and work in some rotator exercises.

With the squats, my second set after warm ups i felt my back about to pull, so i pulled out of the squat. I realized that my strange back problems are probably related to my over zealousness while squatting. I am way out of practice, but yet have my old mentality of going balls to the wall. My form is being compromised and i'm using a lot of back, which I think has led to the tenderness in my back. So now I know to take it easy until I get a good foundation on my quads. Hopefully this will eleviate my back problems. Gotta stay positive
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