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Default Re: William Wallace of Weightlifting


Ez bar curls 25 on each side 3x10
seated dumbbell curls 20s 3x10
seated hammer curls 20s 3x10
concentration curls 20 2x8

ez bar forearm shrugs 35s each/side 20,15,10
seated dumbbell concentration shrug 50 3x20
walking plate pinches 45s 3 holds
seated dumbbell palms down wrist curls 10s 3x20

good mornings 6x10 90lbs

Notes:The new lighter weight, high reps routine is definitley different, but at times I feel like I can be more intense with pushing out extra reps. Took it easy on good mornings because the back felt done. Forearms went real well today. Still have to keep pushing out high reps...muscles are slow to adjust.
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