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Default William Wallace of Weightlifting

Hey guys...i've been struggling on my cut lately. I've had guidance by several people that know what their talking about. I myself have previously lost 70 lbs about two years ago, before everything in my life went into a downward spiral. Since about August i've been back at it, because I always loved the weights, and I got ridiculously huge (bad away). Now to the important stuff

Started August: 387 (might have been higher, checked it after dieiting a few weeks)

Right now: 359

Height: 6'1

Body composition: big frame, big everything. But inhumanely week for size

Constraints: need right ankle surgery, somewhat limiting. Can squat all day, but no calves. Hard to run for prolonged period without brace. Back: had problems for all types of reasons, been strengthening it slowly for about 2 months...signifcant progress.

Knowledge: I know for the most part what to do, but the science behind it is muddled. I.e. Take protein shake in the morning. Why? SOmething to do with catabolic lol

So i'm here because initially i had a lot of results, as a guy my size would. The weight will melt off. But since then i've had a very knowledgeable friend of mine, Roberto...he will hereby be known as the Oracle, check out my diet and workout plan. Says its solid. Hes an old tymer on these forums, forgot his screen name. And a bodybuilder at vitamin shoppe also told me I was doing great. Has been assisting me. But still my results are off. I'm trying to find a way to post my diet breakdown up here without typing it all out. It's an excel file. If all else fails i'll just type it out here soon.

Cardio: I do cardio about 5 days a week, all types. More details coming soon.

Weights: 3-4 days a week, again more details coming.
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