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Personally I believe you need to find some real friends first of all, friends who respect you. This guy really seems to give you a tough time. When it comes to the "supplement" he´s advocating for, I´ve never heard of it, and it doesn´t really matter, it´s a steroid, right? If you´ve decided not to use drugs simpy don´t. I haven´t and I´ve still been able to come in at the top of competitions, even to win. Remember you´re still a kid (in this game you are), and you have a lot of growing to do, both physicallly and mentally (and spiritually too!) before even considering the alternatives this guy i suggesting.

Remember building the body you want takes time, there is no need to rush anything. Regarding the show, if you´ve never competed before consider this firt time a good learning experience where you both get a better understanding of how your body reacts to carb loading and getting rid of excessive water. Also getting on stage will be a totally new experience to you, and since it´s your first time you shouldn´t expect yourself to be posing as confidently as Ed Corney. This doesn´t mean you won´t do well, if you´re well prepared you will.

But remeber there is a tomorrow after the show too - so don´t put your health at risk for a few minutes on a stage. Sculpting your body into perfection and being able to show it off in an impressive way is art, and it takes years, if not decades of training and experience to really get good at it. I suppose you already knew that. So keep ignoring the garbage advise from your friend, and keep working hard toward your goals. On another note, creatine is a great supplement, probably one of my favourites. Keep supplementing with it, I can´t see one single reason why you shouldn´t.

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Best advice I've ever heard. This is experience and wisdom talking.

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