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Default Re: Markers of Overtraining

While I agree that I can tell about myself based workouts, as most long time lifters should be able too, I would never tell a newbie to trust his instincts in this area because the only reason I know is because it happened to me a few times. I suspect this is true of many of us who have lifted for several years.

This being said, if I was a trainer, I would ask these questions:

-How has your sleep been lately, and have you noticed any changes? Trouble sleeping, early waking, trouble getting up in AM where it used to be easier?

-How are your workouts feeling lately? Do you keep a log of your lifting, if so has your weight and reps been pretty constant? Any pain or motivation issues where there used to be none?

-Have you had any mood swings lately? nervousness or anxiety? any depression?

I would ask these, because these are the things I would look for in myself that might lead me to examine my workout habits as a possible culprit.
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