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Default Re: Markers of Overtraining

Yep, I agree with Fahsy. A lot of it is instictive. Also, I know I'm probably overtrained if I experience joint soreness. It's a sign, howbeit not a good one. For one, who wants to wait until they are injured to know they are overtrained? Also, injuries could have devleloped from bad form or an activity outside of the gym. It can be hard to rule out all the variables and confirm an injury is the result of overtraining.

Bodybuilding is odd because we don't generally work up to a peak state, we just continue to destroy ourselves day after day. Unfortunately, outside of instinct or experiencing an injury, I'm not sure what the best way is to forsee when overtraining is about to occur. I know when I embark on a new program and don't ease into it, I end up overtraining.

I'm definietly open to your recommendations Ryan!
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