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Default Re: Natural Bodybuilding

Bro, do not take steroids just because someone tells you to. Doesn't matter what it is he's offering, this is how the misuse always starts. People offering gear to others with very little or no guidance or research done or passed on is when the problems begin. The only way to use this stuff safely with minimal risks is if it's done properly and responsibly.

You taking steroids is dependant on an unpressured decision that only YOU must make, and it must a be well informed, logical, and rational decision that shouldn't be made in 10 minutes. Above all, it's a personal decision, so don't let anyone pressure you into using anything.

So if you want to stay natural, stay natural. That's your decision (at the moment at least), and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Bodybuilding is not a waste of time whether you do it naturally or hormonally enhanced. Is the process slower naturally? Yes. DOes that mean it's a waste of time? No. Your 'buddy' is wrong. As said above, there are plenty of natural bodybuilding competitions with a plethora of testing procedures to ensure you go up against an as natural as possible lineup of competitors. Though, I don't deny they are all natural. There are SO many ways around the testing procedures. However, will you get as far in competitive bodybuilding if you're natural as you would be if you were hormonally enhanced? The cold hard truth is: NO. But the decision is yours and don't let anyone sway you. Should you decide to use hormones in the future say 10, 15, 20 years from now or whatnot, there are great resources available to use for personal research on the subject.

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