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Back again with the roids.. LOL.. Same guy as my BUMMED OUT post, diff situation.. Now hes trying to get me to try DIBOSE (dont know if the spelling is right).. He says that they come in 10MG pills and if u just take 30MG a day they wont be traceable as a steroid and leave ur system in 24 hours and can be taken as a regular supplement.. I turn it down everytime, its been about 3 or 4 times already.. Im looking to compete in the NPC show next year and he tells me that everybody that competes there are GEARIN' UP, and if ur trying to go natural, its a waste of time.. Now I kinda feel discouraged, but not to the point of not competing, but knowing that Im going against geared up ppl.. And Im not sure how valible that comment is, and I dont toot my own horn, but at 20 years old I look better than alot of the guys in my gym that are juicin, and I keep them wondering if I am LOL.. Its a funny thing with my boy, cause he tells me not to take creatine now (Just came off of my first cut and went from 230lbs to 200lbs and now are looking to bulk up) because its unwanted volume right now, but he tells me that DIBOSE is something of the same effects of creatine.. I dont know how much sense this makes, but Imma be a freight train this winter and just do (!@#$%^&*) my way.. ANY FEED BACK?? (About Natural BBing being a "waste of time")
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