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Haha... I just read this. Lemme tell ya something,

My workout partner did the same thing. Wanted to get to be my size, so him and his friends.. They started "juicing". The result? 2 months of strength!! GRRRRR!!!... Not to mention acne, bad character, smelly and degeneration of health. That was last summer. After his cycles he stopped training, like most young guys who Juice. Now I'm training alone and lost a workout partner. They wanna get big quick and be on top of the game. It takes years, some people are so stupid! Now, hes fat. He stopped training and his natural testosterone has probably decreased. He also wasted about 1000 dollars... I on the other hand, I never juiced it, i've been training for years and I feel like 1 million bucks every day I come out of the gym. Every winter, I look forward to taking on that Mass that im adding on... Every spring I dread the cut LOL But you know what, I feel good about it.. Because You don't have to try to cheat the game, it will bite you in the (!@#$%^&*)- give ur body the respect it deserves and do it natually and I guarentee you, your friend who is juicing it, take a look at him 1 year from now and I guarentee you he pissed it down the toilet... %95 of the inexperienced always do. Train Hard! Eat Lots!
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