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Hey Cat, sorry it took me so long to respond. I've been moving around quite a bit and I am curently out of town.

From afar it seems to me you are doing the right thing. I could easily see someone getting results with your training program. However, you say you want to gain muscle? Are you also trying to lose fat or keep fat off, or are you or have you aways been slim? If you tell me what you're doing isn't working for you I'll think two things: you're either not eating enough or you haven't given your program enough time to get noticeable results. This is assuming you are lifting heavy enough weights to reach some sort of failure in your workouts.

Honestly, I am better at giving advice for weight loss, since I have gone through many of the programs and regimens myself. I will tell you what I think, though.

I have two thoughts that are somewhat related when it comes to leg training. The first is work in a higher rep range. By that I mean instead of maybe working with 6-10, try to aim for 12-15, or 10-15 at first, if you're scared of going too light. The second is try sprinting. Do it as if it were weight training. Do the fastest you can go for about 30-60 seconds, then rest as if you did a set of an exercise, repeat. Here, instead of doing more reps, you'd do more sets. You can also do this with cycling.

I mention the above because some people have more fast twitch muscle fibers and some have more slow twitch. The latter resonds better to higher reps, since they have more endurance. I don't really believe in accurate muscle fiber testing, so in my opinion, I'd play around with rep ranges (dp 4-6 weeks to give each rep range a chance, though) until you find out what works for you.

One personal opinion. Move the deadlifts to back day. It'll provide a mini-workout for your legs when you do it. Instead, add romanian deadlifts to your program. I'd also replace cable kickbacks with lunges. If its too much, rotate exercises.

And other questions: how many days a week are you working out legs? If you have a cardio routine, what does it look like?
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