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Default Re: The Journey of a pHD bodybuilder - Train, Eat, and Think like a Pro!

Thanks, bro!

Had a couple of great sessions today. In the morning I did old schools trap and delt workout, phase 3 for each. On this phase he absolutely blasts the rear delts. Its a fantastic workout.

Then I just did back and calves:

Seated unilateral pull downs 3 sets, 1 strip on first 2, tripple drop on the last set - started out with 4 plates and a 10 on either side, went down in weight each set.

3 sets Incline face forward dumbbell rows - 80 pound dumbbells, stripped all the way down on the last set

3 sets lat pull down machine, variation in which I put my feet up on the stand and retract my scapulae like a bent over row. Great for the middle back. Did another strip on the last set

I did some shrugs here as part of old schools trap routine that I could not do in the morning. Consisted of 4 sets barbell shrugs, with 1 strip on each set, partial reps on the strip for 60 seconds. Great pump

Strip all the way down to from 90-40 pound dumbbells on bent over rows

Behind the neck pull downs 3 set, strip at the end

4 sets of seated cable rows. This felt great; I maxed it out at 300.

Then I did calves. Got myself pumped up with harvest of sorrow by metallica, and did a huge ascending strip on incline calve raises.

I think that was everything for back, but I may have missed something. But I don't think so...
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