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Default Re: The Journey of a pHD bodybuilder - Train, Eat, and Think like a Pro!

Thanks a lot for the encouragement, bro. I'm getting a lot better. Usually a cold, particularly a runny nose lasts a while. But I seemed to have nailed this one. Only small symptoms today.

Back workout was just ridiculous today!

4 sets unilateral pull-down machine, triple drop on the last set - 4 plates aside, 6-10 reps, dropped down to a 25 +3 plates on last 2 sets
4 sets dumbbell bodybuilding dead lifts - 150 pound dumbbells *10 reps per set. Heaviest I have ever gone on this. Max dumbbells in the gym. Felt really good
4 Pull-ups w/ lat pull downs wide grip, strip on last set
Bent over barbell rows - 225 3*10, triple drop on the last set.
3 sets Behind the neck lat pulldowns
4 sets cormeir rows, strip on last set
3 sets straight arm pull-downs

I have not done shocks like strips in a while, so my back is fried.

I'm taking my back training to another level. I'm basically doing whatever it takes to stimulate growth - strips, super sets, lifting heavy, etc. I am training it twice a week, by itself so I can really focus on it.

My training is this close to being at its peak. My diet, workouts, and mental approach are doing fantastic. I just need to make a few more tweaks, and take a few more components of my program to another level, and I'll be right on track. Overall, I'm very pleased. The goal is to get better each day; and right now I'm doing that.
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