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Default Re: The Journey of a pHD bodybuilder - Train, Eat, and Think like a Pro!

Biceps / Triceps

Used old schools first tricep routine, and his bicep routine again. Workout 2 on both.

For biceps I did 5 jump sets:

Workout B, Part One:

1. Dumbbell Curls Jump Sets (6 sets)

Both the Ascending and Descending shocking principles will be incorporated in exercise one (See: Descending Sets for a Super Shock and Use Ascending Sets to Pack on new and thick layers of muscle mass!!!) when combined I call this shock, Jump Setting.

These six sets will encompass pyramiding up and then back down the dumbbell rack.

The following blitz is going to attack the entire bicep and forearm muscle locality in an unorthodox manner.

Begin by picking a really lightweight that you can easily perform 20 reps for. Letís say for our example that is 25 lb dumbbells.

Perform 25 reps and set the dumbbells down. Now jump 10 lbs, and perform 20 reps with the 35 lb weights. Next, jump 10 more lbs. grab the 45ís and perform 15 reps. After that bump up 10 lbs grab the 55ís and execute 10 reps. Ok, the easy part is over! The key is to continue jumping in weight by 10ís. In other words after each mini-set you will increase the dumbbell weight by 10 lbs.

After you pyramid to the point that you are at a weight that is causing your to fail at 10 reps (remember there is NO rest between these initial jumps!), continue increasing the dumbbells by 10, but from this point on your can induce failure between 2-9 reps.

Continue in this manner until you have reached a point where you can no longer perform at least two reps, or you max out the dumbbells your gym has to offer! Oh, one last note you can rest pause after youíve pyramided past the 10-rep mark.

This is the half way mark. Now descend all the way back to the 25 lb weights (or whatever weights you began with). Stick to a rep range of 2-9 again, rest-pausing as much as needed on the way back down.

To summarize:

* Follow an ascending pyramid rep scheme of 25-20-15-10.
* Continue ascending in 10 lb. increments failing between 2-9 reps. Use rest-pause and alternating reps as needed.
* Once maximum ascension is achieved, begin descending in weight, failing between 2-9 reps, using rest-pause as needed.

Even though we are performing an extreme volume of reps, there is one thought you need to stay focused on throughout the entirety of the setÖ.


Get those arms up and contract the biceps! Itís going to be challenging keeping your mind focused on that as you progress through this ascending/descending nightmare, but that is the only thought you have to keep on your mind. The rest of your energy needs to be focused on the ďdo or dieĒ mentality.

It seems like a lot, but once you get the set going it really flies. This workout is fast, but to get the most out of it you really need to stay focused on elevation. Hyperplasia is not easy to induce. It thrives in the realm of radical. Treat this monster set as such and youíll split fibers.

[/ QUOTE ]

I alternated jump sets with triceps:

Week 2:

Phase 1

Seated high-pulley concentration extension:

Attach a handle to a high pulley and position a flat bench sideways in front of the cable station. Sit on the side of the bench, opening your legs like youíre doing a concentration curl. Grasp the handle with your far hand with a palms-up grip, bending over slightly and placing your elbow against the inside of your far thigh. Keep your elbow firmly in this position. Like a reverse-grip press down, extend your elbow to full extension. Keep your wrist locked, donít let it bend forwards or backwards.

Recommended sets:

2 sets per arm. Do one arm in between the other. This is just an isolated pre-exhaust exercise so donít go to total failure, just one or two reps short of it. Go for higher reps between 10 and 15.

Phase 2

Close-grip bench presses

This is one of the best triceps mass builders, so they have to be part of this program!

The correct hand positioning is the key to this one, so adjust your hands so optimal stress is placed on the triceps. I prefer 4-6 inches. To perform these, lie on a flat bench, and lower the bar to your chest, trying to keep your elbows in close to your body and pointing towards your knees, not out to your sides. Press back up to extension.

Recommended sets: 4 total for super mass! 8-10 reps each

If you have a partner go past failure using 1-2 forced reps per set.

If you do not have a partner use the rest pause method to accomplish the same thing.

Phase 3

Incline overhead cable extension

Attach an EZ-curl bar to a low pulley. Place the back of an incline bench next to the bar. Grasp the bar, making sure youíre sitting squarely on the bench. With your elbows extended overhead beside your ears and stabilized in this position, smoothly press the bar upward until full extension. You can also do these with the rope or done standing or seated against a back pad.

Recommended sets:

3 total. reps - 10-12 This exercise should give you a great blood pump. Also, the stretch from this one is perhaps unmatched!

Phase 4

Repeat seated high-pulley concentration extension.

One last set!

Destroy the remaining muscle fibers with the drop set principle.

beginner = one drop set, before you drop hold for a static/peak contraction for approximately 30 seconds, then strip and repeat!
intermediate = double drop set, same static procedure until sets are complete
advanced = triple drop set, same static procedure until sets are complete

reps. 8-10 per drop

Youíre done with week 2! Congratulations, youíre on your way to horseshoe triceps! For those of you who donít know, thatís the ideal shape of a completely developed triceps.

[/ QUOTE ]

Very hard workout. Took around 1 hour. A minute or less rest between sets.
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