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Default Re: Genetics and Muscle Growth - What are the factors?

President, thanks for the great answers! May I bother you with a few more? First of all let me remind you Iīm just a layman, and I have not even read the article so forgive me if my questions are irrelevant. One of the things that came up when reading your summay was the way strenght training is defined. I suppose a conventional approach to training for muscle hypertrophy was followed, but I wonder if that is the optimal stimuli for hypertrophy in all individuals (or any, but thatīs a different qustion), even if the study proved the point that individuals respond differently to this particular type of training.

I suppose heavy multi joint -exercises may result in an increased serum testosterone level, and high intensity strenght training stimulates GH-secretion very well which leads, as you stated above, to an elevated MGF-expression locally, aside from the elevation in growth factors that occurs locally from mechanical stimuli independantly of systemic hormones. From this point of view it would be beneficial to employ heavy resistance, multi joint exercises. If local factors are of more interest on the other hand, then working an individual muscle to full exhaustion (I suppose?) should be the best way to achieve growth, and maybe one should consider training with vascular occlusion. Perhaps a combination of the two would be optimal, stimulating both systemic as well as local factors.

On the other hand, previous research has shown that heavy, high velocity eccentric training induces both strength gain and hypertrophy to a greater extent than both concentric training and conventional strength training. Targeting explosive type fibers was key (and to me still is!). Being a layman Iīm not sure I understand what mechanisms underlie growth in these different scenarios, or even if there is a difference. For instance, training with vascular occlusion causes practically no injury to myofibrils, while practically nothing causes more damage to them than high velocity eccentric training. In the meanwhile pure concentric contractions, even if under heavy resistance (thereby recruiting type 2X fibers) donīt do much for muscle hypertrophy. Taken together it all seem kind of inconclusive, and at times contradictory.

My questions are basically these:

-Are there differnt mechanisms underlying muscular hypertrophy to different types of stimuli?

-Could it be that different people respond differently to different types of stimuli? Perhaps a non-responder to the definition of strenght training above would be a responder to other definitions of strength training?

Thanks for taking your time /M

(By the way, what type of supplements would be beneficial to "wanna be excellent responders"? [img]/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img])
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