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Default Re: The Journey of a pHD bodybuilder - Train, Eat, and Think like a Pro!

Thanks, Chris!

What is your pre/post exercise nutirion look like right now?

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Just asked for it. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

Right now I'm doing:

4 scoops amino shooter (provides over 4 grams leucine, all the essential aminos, and 7 grams creatine), 10 grams glutamine, 30 grams dextrose/malto or WMS, 1 gram beta alanine.

I also have: 2 tablets green tea pills (I use ON, which is fantastic proportion of EGCG), 2 alpha lipoic acid tablets (200 mg), 1 gram HMB.

Then post workout:

2 scoops of either whey protein or pro-score. I think pro-score is slightly better post workout because its hydrolyzed. But I just love the taste of whey with sugar, so I often have that anyway lol. 30 grams dextrose/malto or WMS, 5 gram creatine, 10 gram glutamine, 1 gram beta-alanine, 1/4 teaspoon table salt (around 500 mg). Mixed in about a liter of water, then I sip on a water bottle on the side.

Pills: 200 mg ALA, 100 mg grape seed extract, 1 gram vitamin C, 400 mg chromium, 10 mg vanadium, 1 gram HMB.

I think that is everything. But might have forgot a thing or two lol. Now you know why my supplement shelf is so massive haha.

On my high carb days, same thing, but I up the proportion of carbs to about 60.

I like to have a fast digesting protein after that, so I often will have some essential aminos 2 hours later. And I'll either have oatmeal or broccolii to help stabalize blood glucose. Depends on the stage of my cut, how I feel, and the day.

Layne told me about some great research he did. He basically showed that the benefits ALA has on insulin sensitivity is by decreasing reactive oxygen species. And he showed it really increased glucose disposal with a very large magnitude with athletes. So I like to have it pre and post workout when oxidative stress is high, and also when I have my carbs. Other anti-oxidants will have similar effects on insulin sensitivity.

On the pre-workout sugars, been trying that out for a little while now. I like it particularly on lower carbohydrate diets. I think on bulks it might not be that helpful, because your using mostly glycogen. But on a cut - like I'm on right now - I think it is a good way to optimize nutrient effeciency in glycogen depleted states. I've found its given me greater energy and blood pumps in the gym.
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