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Default Re: The Journey of a pHD bodybuilder - Train, Eat, and Think like a Pro!

Another thing I thank God for is my masters degree in Sport Psychology! Nothing has had a bigger impact on my everyday life than that.

One thing a lot of bodybuilding students struggle with, is focusing in the gym, because they are worried about all the responsibilities they have.

For instance, usually I come home from being in lab / taking classes from 8-6, pretty much daily now. I may think to myself, “man, I don’t have time for this” but then I reappraise the situation, and think of all the benefits of physical exercise, and how I’ll be depressed if I don’t train, and how I need a break anyway. So I go train.

Anther problem is that during my workouts, I’ll sometimes say “I got to hurry and get out of here” sometimes I really do. But many times, I place unnecessary regulators on myself. So I will just say forget this, and get an awesome workout in. I end up right on schedule anyway. Often times, it just takes that extra 30 minutes to really get an optimal workout in. It may be because of that extra minute rest you took to get a great set of squats in, or the extra 20 minutes you took to make sure you fit squats into your leg workout. So I will often tell myself "30 minutes extra in the gym is not going to make or break you. Just get in here and train."

My mentality now is that once I am in the gym, I'm in the gym. I rarely allow anything to distract me now or deter my focus from lifting heavy weights.
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