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Default Re: The Journey of a pHD bodybuilder - Train, Eat, and Think like a Pro!

Here is my first workout for this journal! I'm not going to list my weights on machines, because I don't care what I do on leg extensions. Most of the time they are maxed.

Thighs, calves, abs, HIIT

Rest periods: 1 minutes rest between every set, or less. On some of the super sets, I just went back and forth between exercises.

Squat machine - 3*10, 6 plates aside
Barbell lunges - 3*12, 185
Feet elevated full squats - 225 3*10
Alternating leg extensions w/ seated hamstring curls - 4 * 15
Reverse Hack Squats - 3 *12, 5 plates aside
Dumbbell stiff leg deads w/ weighted smith machine sissy squats - 3*10-15, 110 dumbbells, 10+5 on either side of smith machine
Decline sit ups w/ hanging leg raises w/ leg extensions - 4 sets to failure (high reps), and 4 drops on the last set of leg extensions

For calves
Donkey calve raise machine w/ standing calve raise machine - 4 * 8-15 reps
Old school tibialis raises - 4 sets, static contraction and partial reps at the end of each set

7 minute HIIT - 20 seconds sprint, 30 seconds rest intervals. I would have gone a longer, but my gym was closing.

Then stretching to close it out.

TOTAL: about 90 minutes. 23 sets of thighs (super set =1 set), 4 sets of abs, 8 sets of calves. 35 Sets total.

That's about as good as it gets for thighs. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] Pretty happy with that.

On my reps, I just approximate, because I lose count anyway. So that is probably plus or minus 3 on everything.

I like that one squat machine in my gym, because you can go super heavy on it, and it just feels good mentally when you do that.

First time ever I did reverse hack squats after watching Layne Norton do them. It's a really good quad exercise, and you can go really heavy on this, too. Very short range of motion. I'll go up next time.
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