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Thanks Sweetpea

Yes I am aware of the need to use bodyfat as the marker. The problem is finding an ACCURATE way of doing it. I use a bodyfat scale which is excellent as far as comparison is concerned. In other words I can tell if I am dropping fat or muscle but I wouldn't like to rely on it's accuracy to state I am carrying x% body fat.

I have tried calipers but I don't find them very easy to use. One of the things I want to do is finish off a web page I have on my swimming site where I've blogged a bit about my diet, a bit cheesy really, but I thought if I could bring myself to get into my beach bikini and take a couple of photos, I could ask you guys what you thought about my body fat.

I see in some of the critques that the opinions can vary widely but it would be interesting.

I keep a spreadsheet where I record my weight, body fat, water, lean, etc. and calculate the fat lbs. It's not rocket science but it's a useful tool to make sure I am actually losing fat.

I can't trust the figures though other than to compare one week with the next. I am much the same today as I was earlier this year when my scales showed about 22% body fat.

I signed up whilst on a cruise for a 'package' to include body fat monitoring and was a bit digusted when they bought out these silly little hand held things and told me I was 22%. My first thought was to believe them as it was close to my own figures but when I got home I realised I'd had the scales on athlete setting and when I put them back to normal, my fat shows 30%.

I'm told they can be inaccurate if the fat and muscle is not evenly distributed and I would say I fit into that category, and of course, hydration levels are critical. I still have the scales on athlete setting as that's what I've recorded with for nearly 3 years. I tried calipers and they agreed with the scales in athlete mode but I think I probably didn't use them properley.

I've tried loads of gyms to try and get someone to do a proper analysis but no joy.

There - I'm writing war an peace again. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

It's 6am and I'm on a downer. Yesterday was my calorie/carb increase day. My glycogen stores are finally now full again after being in ketosis and I hate the way my tummy looks and feels. I promised myself no more ketosis and I would go for calorie and carb cycling but it will be a while before I adjust to it.
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