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Default Re: Weight loss for mature women

I saw you asked for my advice in another topic so I am going to reply here.

As to answer your question, yes, I do believe the last few pounds are the hardest to go. And usually no, they cannot be lost the same way. If your body is holding onto those pounds, then its gotten used to what you are doing. Doing something different is the way to shake it.

I'm afraid I cannot be of much help really, because I base a lot of my advice on my own personal experiences. I just turned 19 and I do not have CFS. I will tell you what I think.

I don't like the way your doctor says you'll never be able to lose the last bit of fat. Its such a negative way of looking at it. I see where he/she is coming from, though. After menopause hormones are all crazy. I'm not sure how, but I am sure it affects weight loss. I'm sure CFS also affects it. I'd suggest to find a CFS or post-menopause weight loss specialist. I'm scared to suggest anything that may aggravate your CFS.

I can tell you what I tell mostly everyone else. Change your training, lift heavy weights in the 6-12 rep range atleast 3x a week. Do HIIT as cardio. And probably most importantly, eat very, very clean. I'd suggest posting your training routine and diet in the forums. I can take a look at them, and so can other people. You seem to be in great shape, and even greater shape for your status. (to push through CFS!) I would just make sure to filter the advice you get very carefully. Please post your routines for further help.
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