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Default Re: My Rampage through the Oasis

BACKKKKKKKK!!! It feels great, i mixed up the workout a bit today, and did all the DB moves first...then the cable rowing, my lats wanted to EXPLODE!!!

One Arm Row (DB): 100x15, 105x12, 115x10
Bent Over Row (DB): 50x15, 55x12x2, 60x10
Seated Row (weight equals machine level): 87x12x2, 87.5x10x2
Lateral Pulldown (weight equals machine level): 57x15, 67x15, 77x12x2
Deadlift: 315x10x2
Straight Arm PD (weight=machine level): 90x12x3
Low Cable Row (weight=machine level): 140x15x3

Great workout!! tomorrow morning is a run, and thats it for the day. Giving the body some rest to come back and kill the weights again on thursday!!!! plus i need to catch up on the guitar lessons! and missing my wife just as much as the day i left (i couldnt possibly miss u any more babes!!)
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