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Hey bro, you made the right choice. First of all, if a 19 year old is taking steroids that is just plain stupid. There's no other way to state it. If your partner is advocating a 19 year old taking steroids as even remotely positive I would immediately disregard anything that came out of his mouth. I wouldn't even give his opinions a second thought.

I think you should distance yourself from this guy. If he doesn't get the hint, just be blunt and tell him you don't agree with his choice and would prefer to be left alone. Remember steroids are a drug. People can say what they want, but they are drugs. There is peer pressure in our sport to do these drugs just like any other drug. The more you hang around these types of people the more likely you are to want to "fit in" to their mold and be tempted to take them. Use the same tactics you would if someone offered you dope. Say no thanks and distance yourself. I reiterate if a 30 year old man is trying to pressure you to take steroids by making some lame comment like that he is a loser.

Also, we need to work on establishing intrinsically motivating goals for you. I'll post on that soon.
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