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Whats up everybody on ABC.. I just wanted to say that I been using this website for my 3 years of bodybuilding and I love it.. Now to the point.. My training partner recently started taking "GEAR" (Roids) and I was cool with it.. I told him I respect his eagerness to excell in bodybuilding and wished him the best, but it aint my cup of tea to go that way.. I feel that at my age, 20, I have a lot more ahead of me rather than him, hes 30.. Today he was telling me about this kid that used to come to my gym and how he started a cycle about 3 weeks ago and is HUGE.. Imma pretty big kid myself and he told me that he was bigger than me.. Im in the process of a cut right now and it bummed me out that he said that cause it made me feel that my progress is going to waste.. I feel and look better than I did at the start of the summer.. (Went down from about 230 and weigh 210) I felt like offended sort of that so many of the ppl around me are going the way of the roid and Im here bustin my behind to maintain and stay on top of what I have.. The other kid is 19.. I wanted to know how should I situate myself out of feeling so bummed and get my head back on track.. I wanted to break out in to NATURAL competitive bodybuilding.. Some of the guys I know say that u need to take roids in order to get that "EDGE" on your competitors.. I think other wise.. Some feed back would be greatly appreciated ppl..
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