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Default Re: My Rampage through the Oasis

The GUNS today!!! Great workout, ran a little long though...the gym was packed..and it was harder than hell to find dumbells, o well..still had some crazy intensity...kicked it up a notch with the weight i was moving today!

BB Curl: 85x15, 90x12, 95x10, 100x8
Inc DB curl: 30x15, 35x12, 40x10, 45x8
Tricep PD (weight=machine level):49x15, 56x12, 63x10, 63x8
Skull Crushers: 75x15, 85x12, 95x10, 105x8
Preacher Curl: 55x12x2, 60x10
Close grip bench: 135x12x3

Rope PD SS with DB Curl, Drop Sets...just ran the rack down failure at each weight!!

tomorrow morning is a run for me..not sure what ill be up for, my guess between 3-4 miles..or maybe ill hop on a bike and ride for about 30 mins. Tomorrow night is LEGS!!! get ready!
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