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Default Re: Gym Social Norms

Ughh...Most annoying thing for me was people not using a bloody gym towell! Once in particular I was using a machine waiting for the ab machine to open, and there was another guy waiting behind me for it, and so after about 10 minutes this 70+year old guy gets up and walks off...and there was a puddle of sweat there....not a few drops...but like 3oz+ of was disgusting....I look up at the guy behind me and say "go ahead" and he just laughs and walks off....we weren't going to use that machine anymore.

Lesson of the day-"Keep a clean towell with you ALWAYS to whipe off the seats and proper places when you're done with a machine, especially if you sweat profusely, aren't clean, or are going to offend people and possibly even close the machine for the day while they sanatize it!.
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