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Default Re: My Rampage through the Oasis

First i gotta say, you guys are CRAZY!! haha, but thanks for the motivation..i love it, i had a GREAT shoulder workout, them babies are pumped up like grapefruits!!

DB Lateral Raise: 25x12x4
DB Front Raise: 40x12x4
Rear DB Flye: 30x12x4
Arnold Press: 60x12x4 (last 2 sets were killer)
Upright Row: 75x15, 85x12, 95x10
Giant Set (SS Bent over raise, lat raise, upright row, over head press all with DB) 20x10reps each exercise..2 sets!!!!

I am loving it...Ill do my arms tonight
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!
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