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Yeah, still doing what I described in the first post, it's only that I'm too lazy to write everything down, so I just keep track of the important lifts (like squats, bench press, standing military press, barbell rows etc).

My lifts have really increased: squats by 15 kgs (33 pounds), bench press by 10 kgs (22 lbs), deadlifts by around 40-50 kgs (88-110 lbs), barbell row by 30-40 kgs (66-88 lbs), standing military by over 20 kgs (44 lbs), just to name a few lifts.

So I'm definetly seeing strength gains, and while I don't see that much size gain, I have definetly been complimented on getting bigger from friends and people in the gym, so it's all good. The only bad thing is that my diet has not been as good as it was about a month ago, so I'm worried about my eight pack, but it's still there though...
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