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Well I just joined a really nice World Gym that is really close to my home/work so that's got me pumped at the moment lol. Also about to buy a new car which is exciting so I'm kind of on a natural high these days.

Anyway, as for psyching up before a big lift, right before I start I'll make sure I take three big breaths. I don't really know how to explain it, but the three breaths have to be "clean" and full and they have to feel good. I have slight OCD and I know it comes in to play here. I also try to time the first rep (or if it's dumbells, the 'throwback/liedown') to a really jamming part of a song that I know gets me psyched.

Sometimes I'll turn on a really rocking hardcore psych-up song and imagine myself in a little home-made video with that song playing in the background, like in movies where the climax of the movie is preceded/incorporated with some pump-up song. This is also hard to explain, but I pretend like I'm filming myself and the camera is rotating around as I stand there psyching myself up and the song is playing in the background and the climax of the video is coming up. I have a kind of director-artsy mind so I have some really cool "camera shots" I envision along with the song and that "imaginary movie" gets me pumped.
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